Monday, July 8, 2019

NOAA ESRL Global April, 2019 CO2 Above 411 ppm

NOAA ESRL just published its April, 2019 preliminary global CO2 mean of 411.50 ppm, an increase of 2.65 ppm over April, 2018. 

This is the 17th month in a row with above a 2 ppm increase. The change over five years is 13.1 ppm, a new record for any five year period. The 10 year change from April, 2009 is 23.74 ppm, the highest 10 year rate of change.

When we compare to longer time frames, global CO2 has increased:

Since 1980 (339.87 ppm): 21.08% - NOAA ESRL global CO2
Since 1958 (315.97 ppm): 30.28% - Keeling MLO
Since 1880 (287.77 ppm): 43.00% - EPICA 2015 Ice Core
Since 1750 (277.60 ppm): 48.23% - EPICA 2015 Ice Core
Since 22964 BCE (180.57 ppm LGM): 127.89% - EPICA 2015 Ice Core

Using the EPICA 2015 revised ice core data, global CO2 has increased 230.93 ppm since the last glacial CO2 ppm low. 

It only took a 100 ppm increase to move from the last glacial maximum temperatures (an approximate -9C anomaly) to our pre-industrial 1750 or 1880 climate. Since then we have added an additional 130 ppm of CO2.... 

The temperature and climate disruption impacts from this increase have not yet been fully experienced, we have only started transient climate warming. 

We have just started a global flame-thrower.