Tuesday, March 8, 2016

January 2016 Arctic Ocean 2m Surface Temp Anomalies - Sizzlingly HIgh

The January, 2016 Arctic Ocean area experienced the highest monthly 2m temp anomaly for the 2011-2016 period.

Thanks to Karsten Haustein, the imagery and data are made available on a very helpful webpage.

Karsten tracks the NCEP GFS, the NCAR/NCEP and GISS Global Temp imagery, data and forecasts.

The table lays out the Arctic Ocean temperature anomalies for all three data sources for January, 2011-2016. The average mean provides a composite anomaly from all three sources, as available.

Arctic Ocean Mean Temp Trends
Mean Temps in K/C
Year Month GFS NCEP GISS Avg Mean
2011 Jan 1.061 1.317 1.189
2012 Jan 3.695 2.201 1.865 2.587
2013 Jan 2.130 1.601 0.666 1.466
2014 Jan 1.867 1.316 0.714 1.299
2015 Jan 1.292 0.884 0.500 0.892
2016 Jan 4.507 4.977 3.620 4.368

The following are the imagery for the January, 2016 results.

Note the extreme anomalies over the Barents and stretching almost to 90N.

The NCAR/NCEP calculations shift the warmth into the Central Arctic.

The GISS Global Temp imagery reflects a similar pattern, yet misses the higher anomaly in the Central Arctic.

February, 2016 is available for two of the three indices, and will be posted later.

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